Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New sketchbook pages

Some new skribbles I did lately. Have to keep the ink flowing!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Function Creep

De Handhavingskrant asked me to illustrate an article about function creep. Function creep is the term used when an item, process, or procedure designed for a specific purpose ends up serving another purpose for which it was never planned to perform. Especially in the security branche this occurrs easily and should be discussed. Can a camera used for traffic monitoring be used for people observation? Can officials at a housevisit to a known delinquent check on his neighbours too? If function creep sprawls without concious justification it might become an uncontrolled monster...

 I thought it might be cool to create some sort of Godzilla, also an uncontrolled monster created by men. The first thumbnailsketches looked kind of shitty though...

 Luckily the client liked the idea and I sketched a beter looking function creep monster. When they gave their approval the fun could start!

 inking is always one of the best parts of the process. After that I scan the drawing and color it digital.

 Fits nicely on the page!