Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hamburger SV

New illustrations for Germany's best football magazine 11FREUNDE. These people are the board of Hamburger SV, a most unlikely group of individuals who manage their club in unorthodox fashion. The client asked me to make the characters look like the actual people, but not too much to avoid possible trouble.

Except this last guy had to be recognizable, Jürgen Klopp. In the story he did not get the job because of his unshaved chin.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Stammtisch projects

Every fridayafternoon we have an illustrator meeting at a café where we do some sketching, catch up on eachothers illustrative adventures, have coffee and lately we have given ourselves a random illustration assignment for next week. We write on small pieces of paper a main character, a sidekick, an object, a location and a time. Toss 'em in a het and grab one out for ach category. The random combination forms next weeks assignment. These are the results so far:

Main Character: A lonely Scientist
Sidekick: His duplicate
Object: A timemachine
Location: On a rooftop
Time: Medieval times
another version can be found here

Main Character: A Sailor
Sidekick: A goat in a suit
Object: A wagon
Location: Under a table
Time: Goldrush era
Other versions can be found here and here

Main Character: Jesus
Sidekick: A princess
Object: A stuffed animal
Location: In a disco
Time: Near future