Saturday, March 22, 2014

Angry footballfans

I had to illustrate a text in football magazine 11 FREUNDE about angry footballfans. In this tongue-in-cheek article they analyze the different typical expressions of discontent. The briefing asked for an agressive youngster, a grumpy dad with his son, a beerthrowing middleaged man and a disapproving pensioner. This was going to be fun!

In the first sketch I tried to put the characters in an actual setting, but the composition sucked:

So I put them together a little more compact and freefloating, which works much better on the page:

After approval I finished the final illustration and added some background to suggest a full stadium:
 ...But the editor did not like the 'Jack the Ripper' hands, if I could change him into a more neutral character. Sure!

Also, the skarf had be striped blue and white
How could I know they meant vertical stripes? But hey, no problem!

Also, the gesture of the pensioner was not disapproving enough. He really had to wave off the game in a more dismissive kind of way. Whether I could depict the gesture a second later, when the hand would be bend forward a little more. Okidoki!

And with some digital magic it all pieced nicely together like this:
And to complete the article in style we put the most dismissive gesture of all on the second page!