Tuesday, November 20, 2012


To promote the extraordinary thriller "Tu sei il male" (You are evil), by Roberto Costantini, my friend Santo Esposito organised an event. Roberto read from the book, The architect supergirls from RARE office visualized some locations and I drew 10 portraits of the main characters that were exhibited during the night and projected during the readings. On piano Angelo Pepicelli created a perfect atmosphere, adding suspence to the readings. It was great to be part of this multimedial event. The response from the audience and, most important, from Roberto Costantini himself, was really good

(photos by Fabio Esposito)

 Roberto Costantini reading and a young Balistreri projected.

 Cardinale Alessandrini on the wall.
 Young Michele Balistreri
  Old Michele Balistreri
 Angelo Dioguardi
 Cardinale Alessandrini
 Elisa Sordi
 Conte Tommaso
 Avvocato Ajello
 Linda Nardi
 Marius Hagi

 The Italian cover is much nicer than the German translation.

The house was packed!